Smart budgeting: how to reduce the overall cost of the website. part 2

Database Development

Nowdays it is a common thing for any website to be incorporated by a database functionality to provide added value to the visitor’s experience on the site, and to increase the efficiency of in-house operations.

If you decide to use a database(s) that can easily be updated, maintained, or accessed over the web, of course your operational costs will  escalate as a result of adding database functionality to your site. Database development may include the following: clearinghouse of all electronic media (newsletters, press releases, job listings, etc.); contact information for clients and vendors; product listings; photo galleries; etc.

The use of a database in combination with necessary programming that will allows your site to become “data-driven” will only further enhance the functionality of your online project by providing a means to maintain your site without prior knowledge of HTML programming or HTML editors.

Here are some average costs incorporating database elements/data-driven functionality into a Website:

  • Jobs listings – $1,500 to $2,500
  • Press Releases – $1,500 to $4,500
  • Corporate Rolodex – $1,000 and up
  • Corporate Calendar – $1,000 and up
  • Advocacy/Action Center (Congressional Lobbying) – $2,500 to $10,000
  •  Shopping Cart/email processing – $3,000
  • Real-time Credit Card Processing – $3,000

Enterprise systems that coordinate activities of wide-spread offices may run more in the $50,000 to $100,000 range. Too much you may say but that is how it cost.

Website Interactive Features

As the site owner you might want to know more about what your audience thinks, where it comes from, what it does, and how many time does it spend on different web-pages of your site. Of course you may gather some from statistical programs on your site’s server, but you might want to add specific personal information from them as well. Some CMS (content management systems) may provide data about your users such as e-mails, ip adresses and so on but a basic form that would collect an e-mail address, a request or a comment, and a brief profile might cost as little as $100 to develop, while a more extensive set of forms with questions and differentiation that ties into a corporate database might run into the thousands. Mortgage calculators, phrase translators, on-line calendars, protein parameters translators, etc. are just a few of the thousands of tools that can make life easier. If your site has an audience that will be well served by some of such tools, you might consider adding it so that people will come and come back.

If you decise to advertise through different platforms there may be promo tools to be implemented into site code to count users, clicks, views or captcha some specific actions.

Adding an on-line tool should be targeted. You have to understand that some tools are available free but their main disadvantage is that these tools are often not customizable.

The custom developing assure you that you will have the exact tool you need with the exact outlook and functionality. That what make custom development two feet higher then ordering or buying modules.

Semi-custom tools are often available through your design studio. The tools may have been prepared for one client and are now in a library, easily customized for others. Prices for such tools start in the $500 to $2,000 range, and may include installation costs.

Compare 30$ and 500$ tool is an easy job but they differ in many ways so it is better to pay for smth that fit your needs at once instead of upgrading the basic elements and hoping they will work correctly.

Multimedia Design: Selection and Usage

Flash is dead. So we move on to HTML5. All modern sites use also javascripts and applets to make your website come alive.  Well it doesn’t usually mean that you have to jump into wagon and  do it!  Done badly, animation can annoy and distract the viewer, extend download time, require the viewer to download plug-ins, and give the website a cheap feel. Anyway  done properly, animation can give the viewer a stronger sense of the sophistication and cutting-edge nature of your company.

Basic html5 animation, which can be done for anywhere from $250 a page up to $10,000 for a medium site.

There you should remember one rule, if it’s only funny once, don’t make people view it every time they enter the source.

I will keep you up-to-date in the next article, there we will speak about content, hosting and SEO.

written by Helen Solomia Hlyzina

all rights reserved, 05/10/2012


Smart budgeting: how to reduce the overall cost of the website. part 1

Recently I have come to a conclusion that many people take site as one unit. By elements they consider headlines, sliders and so on.

That is the root of the misunderstanding that appears after design has been created and then other steps should be taken to run it.

So when client said “I need a site” that can mean a lot of things. The statistics shows that he wants everything in one box, without knowing what else goes there.  More often client is puzzled with the price tag on the box. Today website rarely comes in neat boxes with a red label showing the price and feature list.

We all know that website costs can be deceptive. It is very important to explain to your client what elements are included and what the bottom line really means. One estimate may seem low, but they might end up paying much more in the long run.

If your client is looking at completed websites, you may be able to judge the cost of the website from the quality and the functional elements, but some things might also be misleading. Good graphic layout and design isn’t necessarily measured in bulk but custom layouts and graphic will cost more then images and fancy animation that can be found on cheap sites, because even a very simple clean graphic look is often the result of substantial planning and work by disciplined graphic designers.

Here in Traus we believe that the more natural a site feels, the greater the care and hard work that went into its construction.

Often, an existing website will have something client really likes, but  may have spent a lot on features that are less relevant to his needs.

Once you don’t want to shock your client with price tag make sure he understand why he wants a website, and what is site priority issues, in this case client will be able to confine the costs to those areas that are most important to him.

The key is to budget the most in the areas that will bring him the best return.

I have broken out some typical website cost categories and thrown in a range of costs for each. I hope it will help you as it has already helped my clients to understand how to budget smart.

Strategic Planning & Development

It is well known that good planning done prior to the commencement of actual design will greatly reduce the overall cost of the website. Redesign is usually costly, scope creep and loss of focus can derail a project entirely. In Traus we start with taking the time to get all the potential decision makers, in advance, to agree on the goals and process that will be used in development will give our clients the best chance of getting them what they want for the budget they have laid out. This preplanning is not free, of course. It will cost at least 7-10% of all  project. I stay for design firm involved in the preplanning process to a great extent, because we do that professionally for mor then 10 years.

Even a small site will require about 10 hours of pre-planning, though much of this may be accomplished in a well-thought out Request for Proposal.

Usually rates run from $30 an hour up to $200 an hour.

Project Management

A complex website involves many elements which must match together properly. Timing is also important because:

1) certain steps need to be completed before others can begin;

2) some elements may have to be redone if not coordinated properly.

Even if the project involves a single designer doing a basic site, the communication between designer and client are a form of Project Management. As a team leader I ensure that all communications are tracked and nothing falls through the cracks. Unlike others we are inclined to spend time managing their own projects, transferring that burden entirely to our clients.

With that in mind for every hour spent on design creation and cosing there will be at least quarter hour to hor spend on managing the project. It is very impotant to have a team leader to let designer do his work without long hours spend on discussing and reporting.

This method works very well and help to reduce site costs at least for 5-8% of all budget.
Though such factors  as institutional complexity and functionality will increase costs of project management in ways similar to their affect on strategy costs.

Web Design and Graphic Design, Custom Design

I consider this element as the most important due to its influence on visitors. In case your visitor comes to your site from SE the only reason he will leave after 3-5 seconds  is bad design because a poorly designed site will drive people away. Also sites with hard navigation will only frustrate visitors. Design must be focused on first impression. The rule “less is more” works the best. To achieve the crisp, professional look, you don’t have to request a proposal from 2-3 vendors, you just have to do some marketing quick search to find out your competitors or similar to your goal websites.

Templates may be used as an example but there is no reason to buy smth that has already been viewd by millions, it is wise to create custom design based on elements with  “wow”-effect you have found at different templates.

I have tried to understand why people purchase templates in a thinking that they will produce a site that looks adequate for many basic purposes. I couldn’t. There is no reason at all, for any project, any purposes. It just doesn’t work this way.

Typically custom design starts at $1,500 (just for the design elements) and can cost more than $50,000. The good news is that custom design grants your site unique look, content and match your company style. It is branding so it is good for advertising as well. On the other hand it cost more then templates but it will return every cent spent. 100%.
In the next article we will talk about database development,  website interactive features, website maintenance, content editing, hosting, domain registration and my favorite SEO…

to be continued

written by Solomia Hlyzina

Search for CMS: Nothing But a Little Failure to Sharpen your Aim.

Traus Content Management Systems Buyer’s Guide
has been created for anyone who wants to build an understanding of CMS fast-growing market, including vendors, agencies and industry analysts. This article focuses at globally trends, and reveals  within this sector, with profiles of 5 leading vendors as well as advices for buyers looking for a  web content management (WCM) system for their online projects.

We have tried to create easy-to-understand report for those people who want to create own web-site projects such as e-shops, e-commerce and brand sites.
based on common and most popular CMS.

So we will start with the basis in a simple language with no hard terminology attached.

WCM (web content management) solutions have been around for a long time, but they have been primarily used to access content assets more easily, control how content is published and manage workflows in collaborative environments.

As content consumption patterns have changed evidentially over the last few years, technology has progressed as well.

Today requirements for WCM systems are growing beyond basic management of content, with marketers mostly using them to directly support customer engagement processes through different channels and facilitate more interactive, personalized approaches.

This is often referred to as “web experience management”.

Marketers increasingly search for solutions that facilitate the integration of content management technology with complementary platforms such as CRM, web analytics and marketing automation.

Integration of WCM with core business applications is an earth-shaking opportunity for
vendors and solutions with flexible APIs and open architecture will have a market prime time soon.

There is also an increasing need to adapt content to each individual’s context based on their attributes, preferences and online behaviour.

For example the rapid spread of mobile devices brings both opportunities and challenges. Organizations have just started to replace their standard one-for-all approach to content distribution with dynamic content that is personalized in real time.

In this circle of articles we will discuss the following issues:

-  Independent WCM solutions that are integrated into enterprise
 software suites.

-  Control of web content allows marketers to focus on sales.

-  How do turnkey content management systems integrate with web experience management solutions.

-  The end of Content vs Context wars – WCM allows to bring them together to boost customer engagement.

- Why have cloud-based solutions hit the top due to great demand for agile development.

- Overview of WordPress, Joomla (Open Sours Matters), Drupal (Acquia), OpenCart, Magento.


The Social Funnel: Are you ready to lose staying indifferent? Part 2.

Social Bomb 2

If you have carefully read the previous Part, you have already come to a conclusion that one can hardly find any other place that offers more reasons or opportunities than social media.

Let’s review a sample of a successful long-term social search funnel:

Informational Search > Social Q&A Site > Social Evergreen Resource/Linkbait Referral  > Retargeted Ad Click > Facebook Page Like > Facebook Discount Offer  > Ending

Purchase on Your Site

Search1.  Informational Search
A customer types in “parker pen” in Google. Here starts the research phase of the buying cycle.

FAQ2.  Social: Q & A Site
The customer finds a Wiki Answers’ thread about Parker pens.
3. Social Referral
Within the thread, a company that sells Parker pens, locates a link to the article that explains how to identify such a pen. The article is an up-to-date linkbait blog post created by the company long time ago. A user follows the link & reads the article.
Target4.  Search Retargeting
The company retargets the potential client through the Ad Words Remarketing. In several hours a sees a retargeted ad banner, clicks on it & is forwarded to the company’s Facebook page.


5. Social: Facebook Page Like
A customer clicks on the banner and likes the company’s Facebook page. Since that moment he/she gets regular updates regarding company products that are accessible from the Facebook news feed.
6. Social: Facebook Discount Post
Later on a user sees a post about a one-day discount that is available on company’s site. The discount works for Facebook friends only.
7. Social Referral via Facebook
A potential client clicks on the discount offer & browses available products. They find the pen they liked but they have no time to submit an order. They write the discount code down for later.
8. Navigational Search
Since a user doesn’t know the exact URL of a company’s site, they do a simple search typing in a brand name. A client find the pen, uses a discount coupon & complete a purchase.
So how about such a way that leads to a sale? Most companies usually focus on navigational search. Checking the path others might argue that it was the Facebook promotional offer or the initial linkbait.
But it’s not that easy. Every piece of the described above process from the first search to the final purchase were aimed to help a visitor decide & then buy.
power your funnelHow to make use of the social funnel power
The higher in the funnel your clients are, the less intense your sales strategy should be. Social media marketing shouldn’t be aggressive. It’s all about followers aggregation, community engagement & smart influence on users’ actions.
So how do all these actions result in a sale? The thing is you reach a client early in the sales process. In other words you reached your customers before your competitors. The earlier you get to a client, the more likely he/she comes to your site when it comes to a purchase itself.
We buy products based on trust. The more you interact with you fans, the more they know about your brand and products. Besides you become more significant to your customers since they know you not as a fancy name but as a presence. So you invest in your customers and in turn they invest in you with their trust & money.
In the end social media lets to stay present in your client’s minds. A post about Parker pens sale may remind a customer about upcoming birthday; a recent blog post may make a client think of you when he/she needs to buy a present.
Quick Tips to Remember When Confecting A Social Funnel

Stairs to succeed
It’s never easy to convert customer intention to buy into an action.
Don’t make your clients search thorougly for the URL specified somewhere on Facebook “About Us” page.
Make use of banners, quick links, even a Facebook store tab if it helps you reach your goal.
Make it easy for customers to buy if they’re in mood to. On the other hand don’t be obtrusive with ads and banners popping up here and there.
Always remember: you’re not trying to cast off a product, you’re offering – make sure your customers feel the same.
Social Q&A resources are brilliant ways for users to learn about you in “neutral” enviroment. Many businesses ignore them since they don’t see immediate results (versus definite “likes”, subscriptions or following numbers on social media pages).
Don’t count them out – these resources make wonders in pointing potential clients in your direction.
Keep an eye on spikes and dips of your Twitter followers, Facebook friends, Digg’s comments, etc. Eveyr time a follower unsubscribes you’ve let someone sneak into your sales funnel. Try to define what types of social media bring followers and what make them leave.
Do not post the same content on all of the social sites you use. If you’d like to have to increase point of contacts as much as possible, give people a reason to re-tweet your posts, follow your Facebook page or like Google + announcements. Make your presence unique on every social site.
Offer as many opportunities of indirect conversions as possible (RSS feeds, Twitter follows, Facebook likes, newsletters, mailing lists, etc) to keep your brand present. Social media followers can play a significant role in forming your sales funnel even though a part of them will never make a purchase.
PeopleWhat they can do:

  • Recommend your product to their families, friends or colleagues;
  • Share your offerings on their social pages;
  • Buy your content (book, e-bookds, etc.)
  • Stay informaed of all of your brand offerings/sister sites
  • Cause your company to pop up in their friends’ search results via Google Social Search
  • If nothing else, still they’re still the part of your followers that is the best way to prove your authority.

Last (but not the least) Figuring Out Your Social Funnel Is YOUR Responsibility
No one can write a precise effective how-to post on your social funnel. Your business and your customers are unique and you’re the only who can figure out what can help you take the market. As a business it’s your duty to think over every touchpoint a client might follow on a query. So check thoroughly if you’re present and active everywhere. You’ve got to analyze, test, re-configure & choose a strategy they fits your needs the most.
In the end every gap in your funnel may lead to a lost sale and as a resultm lost customer. And for every lost customer, you have no one to blame but yourself.


There is plenty of information on the Internet telling about the threads if you ignore modern SEO tendencies but, unfortunately, there is not that information on the topic how to make use of social media, specially in terms of sales funnel. Here we’ll try to shed some light on this issue and provide readers with some tips and tricks how boost sales using people’s sociality.

By Lana Moshek, all rights reserved.

The Social Funnel: Are you ready to lose staying indifferent? Part 1.

Social Media BombThere is plenty of information on the Internet telling about the threads if you ignore modern SEO tendencies namely social media impact. But today we’ll talk about another danger: neglecting social media in the traditional sales funnel.  
It’s really disappointing that people still treat social media as an absolutely separate thing instead of taking all of the possible advantages out of it. We let our Social Media teams act on their own in their tweets & digs world while real marketing pros strike with big guns: talks, Landing pages, Costs, Leads, ROI.
Sure thing, most professional marketers accept the social media power in terms of brand acknowledge – it’s a sort of boggy path that keeps a customer far enough from sales funnel for us to get all the profit. We often forget that social media is not just the part of sales funnel but an acute element that impacts real sales/conversions greatly. It’s high time to get out of a sandbox and focus on long-term conversions instead on accidental “in-house” sales that occur here and there on our sites. Conversion is a lasting process. So if you neglect long-term factors that lead up to a sale, you risk not only lose your customers, but your business.
StatisticsGoogle Analytics is not Alpha and Omega of Your Business
No doubts that Google Analytics is a powerful tool in analyzing traffic patterns and conversion rates, but are you really satisfied with that small percentage of people that reached your site via Google?
You surely have followers that have never visited your website. You have Facebook visitors that come across your page without clicking “like”. You have people that might be interested in your products but are too busy to check various offers your competitors have. Finally, you have certain amount of customer-to-be that don’t even know you exist. Pretty enough reasons to go deeper into market waters.
Sale TimeFact: Sales Need Time
We incline to take sales process easy: a consumer needs a nice pen. They come to my site, look through my offerings, find the pen they like – make a purchase.
Or a bit more complicated: I sell pens. A consumer finds my site and learns I sell pens. They might not buy a pen right away, but surely they’re interested. I’ll e targeting them until they come back & buy a pen!
But in real life the sales process starts long before the first visit – and even after a visit, sales are a long-term process with more threats to miss a bargain rather than complete it.  A consumer can come to your site, spend several hours browsing different products but in several days he/she will barely remember it. People visits hundreds of sites monthly. Why should they pay special attention to yours?
Or a customer was just bored & decided to browse several sites that sell nice pens. Why should they remember your site over your competitors?
We often browse e-stores without a real intent to buy. We can be interested in a certain product, in its characteristics, but without a clear reason (a sale, discounts, upcoming event) we’re not going to buy.
So if we don’t commit out intent on that initial visit, we have no reasons to do it later or in the future – unless you provide a reason why to commit. And you can hardly find any other place that offer more reasons or opportunities than social media.  To be continued…

By Lana Moshek, All Rights Reserved.


What could possibly go wrong? OR Are Web Templates Bad to Your Business?

Let us be honest, web templates are bad for any business. That’ all Folks, BUT I will explain why:)

If asking for a personal or family website, go web template all the way and never look back. Traus deals with businesses and like I have said before, web templates are as bad for your business as bad breath.

Before I explain all of the different components and characteristics that make web templates(WT) so horrible, I will clear something up first. Often when I tell people that WT are their worst nightmare,  they usually point at different WT companies incomes and ask, “Why don’t you sell them on your website?” I give them two-part answer.

First we make Custom Not Copy, and it is definately not a cost issue. I doubt that nowdays there are  new businesses and a select few established businesses  that cannot afford completely custom website design, they Simply cannot justify the price, but that is another issue. Probably templates give them an opportunity to present an effective web presence at much lower costs BUT that fact speaks louder then words against their financial groundies. The second part requires you to understand the nature of any web template.

Any web template still require you to apply graphic design, slicing and web programming skills. But they are made by dozens each day, can you be sure about their quality and modification options? I doubt. By purchasing a template you can save a lot of money on a website but your hands will be tied up when it comes to customization.  Lack of functionality – that is what kills the most.

With that said, let’s focus on the reasons why web templates are bad for business:

Web templates poorly represent your business.

Life would be excellent if competition didn’t exist and you were the only business around offering your products and services. However, we know that isn’t life and businesses have to communicate to potential clients what differentiates them from their competitors and why the potential clients should choose them. Web templates don’t effectively communicate your brand and competitive advantages due to fact that they are pre-designed and have no association with your business. One of the best ways that I’ve heard this put is like this, “Template web sites are designed to be sold to you and not to your customers, and many business owners get into the trap thinking that if the template looks good to you it will look good to your clients.” The problem with this thinking is it’s too singular. The point of effective website design is not only to look good, but also to look unique. If you’re working from a template that has been resold to thousands of other businesses, you complete lack uniqueness and regardless of the number of times your web template has been resold, a web template will never set your business apart from your competition. Period!

Web templates are often over done to make them more appealing to you.

Remember, the he designers of website templates are designing a product to sell to you. That’s why they over pack them with flash, sounds, graphics, icons, and bullets which may in the end actually detract from the usability of the website. Yes, all of these things seem cool and they may lead you to believe that the template is going to make your business look great but think again. You don’t need your website to be the most graphically designed website on the web. You need your website to be functional first, and then professional. 90% of the time, anything other than is simply excess.

Speaking of flash, what’s with all that flash?

Once again going back to the the idea of web template designers designing them to sell to you and not your customers, they often jam pack their templates with tons of flash design elements. I mean, who wouldn’t want their website to be a super cool flash site? That’ll impress your customers right? Well, not if they can’t find your website. We only recommend flash website to well established companies who have no need to be found. Everyone knows who Coca-Cola is and there aren’t many people searching the internet trying to figure what Coca-Cola is. Bottom line, flash animation is not good for search engine optimization (SEO) and the often most often flash animated sections of web templates is the navigation menu which is a crucial SEO component. So by choosing that beautiful flash animated website, you in the end could be costing yourself traffic to your website. And Last Word to kill the Beast, HTML5.  Think about it. It is Present.

The Logo Space

It’s actually pretty easy to spot a web template when you see one by the logo. The logo believe it or not, is one of the most critical parts of your website design because of its branding power. You can always tell when the logo design and placement was an afterthought which it is in a website template. The design was not created for your logo, and your logo most often won’t fit in without it being resized, the colors changed, or done away with and replaced with text.

For a  Custom website design proposal click here

Landing Pages for Dating Sites: Inspiration & Analysis

Landing Page for Dating Site is a Must.

Hi everyone, today I will tell you about Landing Pages for Dating campaigns, their structure, goals and variations.

I’ve managed many dating/semi dating campaigns and here is what I have learned – you may have great site with various functions and gr8 usability, but once you have decided to promote it you NEED several Landing Pages to compete and win at online market.

Most of the Landing Pages for Dating have the following Similarities:

  • Colors scheme: Blue/Green color scheme
  • Photo: large pics of models
  • Form Orientation: vertical form.





BUT there are also a lot of Differences may be found in representation.

  • Gender Form Field Default Value:
    Some sites default the gender on the form to Female.
    The other  default it to Male. I think it is very smart move and interesting idea.
    Some sites find it’s worth a test to see which converts better.
  • Third party logos
    Sometimes these Landing Pages use third party logos. To heavy a deal. I think they do that to assure a client that this page is trustworthy.
  • Model choice:
    Almost all LP use attractive blonde female models.
    Some prefer to use nice (normal, average) looking couple that smile to each other or look really happy.
Here in Traus we think that creating a custom design is complicated process so we try to discuss every single option in details. The main are targeted audience, type of call to action, third party logos, social networking. Here targeted audience pay money so they order the choice. Some smart sites develop several inner verticals: age -18-22, 23-25, 26-30, 31-35, 36-40; gender, profession, religion etc. In this case there will be different colors, third party logos, models, content and even shape of the registration form.

Here is an examples made by Our Team of  landing page aimed to push certain inner vertical client to sign up/register:






Viewing different LP for  older audience I have found out what probably works for them the best:

  • Third party logos – for the mature folks with trust issues (esp BBB!)
  • video – answers any questions and addresses trust issues


Common Color Themes:

  • Blue & Green
  • Red

Form Call to Action

  • Register to Begin
  • FREE To Email Featured Members and Review Your Matches No Credit Card Required
  • Free Communication Weekend
  • Get your perfect match. Meet Singles near you
  • Register and post your FREE profile
  • Take our FREE personality test and receive your chemistry-inspired matches today.
  • Let’s get started
  • Browse profiles now
  • 7 Days free on any plan.


  • It’s Free to Look! Start Now.
  • #1 Visited Online Dating Site in the U.S.A
  • Communicate with your Matches for FREE! There’s never been a better reason to join eHarmony
  • Extraordinary people deserve extraordinary relationships. Experience the instant spark of chemistry
  • That special someone is out there looking for you. take a few minutes to fill out the form, it may change your life!
  • What’s your version of happiness?
  • One week. Endless possibilities. Claim your free 7 day pass and start emailing, flirting, and dating. Give it a whirl.

Button Call to Action:

  • Find my matches (3) – most popular
  • Click here
  • start now
  • find chemistry now
  • match me


  • Match: Blonde, Hot
  • Singlesnet: Blonde, Hot (This model is oversaturated on the web though. total european istockphoto model)
  • eHarmony: Well Rounded, pretty girl next door look
  • Zoosk: random stock photo
  • jDate: married jewish couple
  • chemisty: no model
  • maturesinglesonly: attractive cougar model video
  • yahoo: attractive plus size
  • yahoo offers: man and woman holding hand, no face

Suggested Areas to Test:

  • Form field defaults:
    male vs female, income, location, e-mail (THAT is WHAT matters the most)
  • font size
  • form orientation
  • number of form fields
  • button call to action
  • form call to action
  • value statement
  • pre-filling form values

P.S: Creating a Landing Page for Dating vertical takes an effort and several specialists involved. There should be done the following : Marketing Research, Competitors’ Analysis, custom design creation, development and SEO as well. I doubt someone can create LP that will boost sales only by using templates and copy content. If you need quality you go to pro.

In the next article I will tell you about e-commerce Landing Pages.



The Art of Landing Page design&creation. Chapter One: Introduction & Basis.

Before we start our journey to Landing Page Universe, I think it will be fair enough to introduce author to you, so you can be quite objective about this article.

Even now, though I consider myself a SEO specialist I learn every day and I think it will never end. I have already written articles about landing page optimization. But I think it is never late to start with the basis and to recall start up information to avoid flash backs and gaps down the road.

Not a Bird, Not Yet a Plane.

Landing Page is not a site. It is not just a simple page with content. It is powerful tool that has been created for CTA (Call to Action). If you have ever played Dota or any MMORPG you know that your hero has simple skills and one ultra skill. Well, same here, Landing Page is ultra skill for you to use smart. But since it is unique page, there are certain things you should know before go farming.

Two Views – Two Goals.

From the point of view of the Advertiser – Landing page is a single made web-page aimed to:

  1. Collect data (e-mails, phone, other statistics data important for marketing research)

  2. Boost Sales (sell, push to download a free trial or demo version)

  3. Subscribe for e-mail advertising, e-book, webinar.

On the other hand a visitor sees Landing Page as an easy way to:

  1. buy certain goods or

  2. apply form to receive free samples, free trials, gifts, discounts and e-help in different questions.

Now tie these ends up and you will understand the first Marketing Rule –where there’s a demand over a certain critical threshold there will always be supply to meet it.

Where Landing Page is a Must.

There are several strong verticals within online advertising where landing pages is simply an irreplaceable tool to get a result.

  1. E-commerce

  2. E-shops

  3. Dating and Semi-dating

  4. Games&Music

Frankly saying all verticals need a landing page if there are any online campaigns running. Unlike banners that I consider to be a part of branding campaign, Landing page as a rule serves better in case when advertiser wants visitor to become a consumer.

The Missing Puzzle.

Every advertising platform drives traffic directly to certain link provided by advertiser. If you promote a product online – there will be a product page. Smart site optimization involves creating different landing pages in order to choose the best one that has better conversion or to create several Landing Pages under several different platforms to gain statistics data.

At some platforms you may derive traffic flow by countries, that is very helpful if you have for example international delivery or your service/product sells to certain countries. In this case you may create Landing Pages with Multi-language content.

Penguin Strikes Back.

Google knows but it won’t disclose. When this SE has started usage of new algorithm called Penguin a lot of Landing pages and sites dropped into black list. The Creative Content writing becomes the powerful tool against Penguin. Landing Page basis teach us to avoid large content blocks, on the other hand it is too risky to ignore Google pets. That is why Traus use several tricks to optimize LP with no harm to call to action.

For example we create uploaded content pages tied to LP, the trick is to use form (or any other CTA tool) at every page. The visitor will receive necessary information but will still be able to act within one page.

To be continued…

Written by: Helen-Solomia Hlyzina, Team Leader at Web-Design Studio Traus.

28.08.2012 All rights reserved.

Team Upgrade!

Fantastic news as Helen-Solomia Hlyzina joins the Web-Studio Traus team as full time Team Leader.  Helen-Solomia will be responsible for new project Pocket World and several projects including Content Optimization and SEO  services projects. Today Helen-Solomia has shared news and plans with us.

Work Session with Helen-Solomia Hlyzina

C: Hello Helen-Solomia, please tell us about yourself.

H-S: Hi guys, my name is Helen-Solomia Hlyzina, I am 27 years old and I have started learning SEO five years ago. I was working for IT&network company as the support and an account manager. There I have taught that www is the complicated world with its rules, citizens and government, but on the other hand it is still a world created by human, and if we accept this we may have a hope that some day we will rule it.

 C: Have you created any design projects before?

H-S:  I am an artist and can create paintings and different hand-made things, I consider myself as a person with a taste. Lay upon my skills I started learning different graphic programs 7 years ago and made several online projects for different e-shops and businesses. But I have faced lack of skills when it came to promotion. And I have learned simply rule of www – you may create a great online product but if there is no ad involved you may put that in the closet with all other overpowering ideas of  the mankind.

C: So then you have decided to upgrade your skills at SEO?

H-S: That’s right. I have started research on SEO matter and found about main search engines, the way traffic appears and where and how it converts. I have also studied social networking and different types of SEO, including dark arts as well 8-) That was a good thing to know that there are many ways to promote online but also it is always for the best to know your enemy in face.

C: When you say enemy, you mean black SEO?

H-S: As I have said, there are different ways to promote, I think it is for the best that I have gained knowledge about black SEO and how does it work. I think if you have straight hands you can PR your site using white (organic) SEO tips. Dark Arts are for gamblers. I don’t want to play this Russian Roulette.

C: Have you been working with advertising platforms?

 H-S:  I’ve been working at advertising platforms, first as a support then as an account manager, sales and SEO specialist. I have done campaigns for many clients and learned about lead generation, e-mail marketing, CPC, CPM, CPD, CPL & CPA advertising models, their methods, statistics, tools and results to expect.

C: How do you see your work at Traus?

H-S: I see great perspectives here, my team consist of different specialists but all are real pros. I will focus them on the new Project – Pocket World, aimed to create Landing pages on E-commerce, Dating, Real Estate, Insolvency verticals. Traus team is doing quality work at affordable prices and short terms, that will lead us to success. We apply SEO tools, newest marketing research to create unique online products. I also will write articles that will help our clients to understand the basis of successful web-design and our methods.

C: Have you written any articles before?

H-S: I have written several articles about online advertising, PPC e-commerce campaigns optimization tips, and Landing Page Optimization. At Traus Blog I will write a guide about creation, design and SEO of Landing Pages at different verticals.

C: Thank you for this work session. We wish you all the best and hope to enjoy your works and articles down the road.

H-S:  Thank you. Cheers.

by Brandy Gillmour, the correspondent of FGM. 25/08/2012 all rights reserved.

Web Design Studio Traus is going WorldWide!

The Good News to all fans of web development and SEO. Web Design Studio Traus has launched a new Project – Pocket World.

Pocket World Logo

The Pocket World is a project aimed to boost sales and increase profits in CPA, CPL and CPD advertising campaigns. New team of SEO professionals, designers, coders and copywriters will design, host, support, install and run Landing/Squeeze Pages all over the world.  Now your targeted audiece will easily find you and Act!

Apply Now To Gain Avails At Low Cost!


The Project team will:

* do all necessary marketing research

* make major competitors analysis

* create custom design and unique content

* provide best hosting an support solution

* apply top SEO methods to target right audience

* give you a turnkey product, statistics data and more.

Unlike others stuios Traus’ Pocket World Project poses strong client policy that grant every customer a “wow” effect at affordable prices and short terms.